Tim Motchman's 'Encounter'
Alice Young's 'Once you knew'
Joseph Egan's 'Jean Mustard'
Gus Frenchy's 'Vitality of Creature'
Paisley White's 'Ancient Patience'
Wyatt Wilkie's 'Mandolindola'
Live Edge Design's 'My Dinner with Andrew'
Scott Gillies' 'Indicator Species'
Stefane Dimolpoulos' 'D4 Lounge Chair and Side tables'
Mike Randall's 'Kelp Lamp'
Doug Zech's 'The Raven and the wailing spirit'
Studio Robazzo's 'Binary'
Todd McAneeley's 'The Squirrel Tree'
David Martinello's 'Leaving Zenith'
Phillip Cottell's 'Revival - AfterLife'
Jon marston's 'Spiritual Messenger, Salish Owl'
Merlayna Snyder's 'Mystique'
Arnim Rodeck's 'Athena'
Ken Guenter's 'Scrappy Banjo'
Neil Bosdet's 'Walnut Crotch Knife Block'
Andreas Kunert, Naomi Kunert and John Lore's, 'Sentinel'
Detlef Grundmann's 'Console Table'
Steve Neil's 'The Doug Ives Sideboard'
Jennifer Lawson's 'A Return to Elegance'
Jon Braden's 'Tsu-mi-ki Desk and chair'
Frank Armich's 'Dancing West Coast Trees'
Charlie Pickard's 'Believe in the "magic" of Gnome'
Gary David's 'A Crack in Time'
Larry Martell's 'Plenty of Fish'
Heather Wall's 'Protecting the Nest'
Nigel Atkin's 'Otters'
Susan Jean Whyte's 'Is Anyone Home'
Geoff Vickers' 'Occasional Pedestal Table and wall plaque'
Cam Russell's 'Blanket Chest'
Paul Tellier's 'Black and White'
Christian Arostegui's 'Airy Console 1.5'
Phil Clark's 'Arts and Crafts Floor Lamp'
Robin Shackleton's 'Celtic Bodhran'
Randy Mugford's 'Marina Foyer Table'
Dave Parsanishi's 'Suzuki #25 and #26'
Marc Blouin 'The Traveler's Atelier'
Luke Hart-Weller's 'Forest Side Table'
Eric Gessinger's 'St. Charles Library Ladder'
Andrea Keenans 'Vitality'
Eugene Laughren's 'Order and Chaos'
Laura Keil's 'Shaker Style Footstool and Mohair Mat'
Zak Stolk and Rommy Verlaan's 'BC Wilds'