The oneTree Exhibition at the Robert Bateman Centre

For almost a century, this old growth Bigleaf Maple from the Cowichan Valley stood witness to events that helped shape Vancouver Island. It needed to come down in October for health and safety reasons.

46 artisans have been selected to celebrate this tree by creating pieces from its wood. The selected pieces will be part of an exhibit at the Robert Bateman Centre November 2015 until January 2016

oneTree artisan update Alice Young

Working with oneTree spalted maple. #?oneTreeExhibit coming to Robert Bateman Centre in November! This piece is called "Camouflage". Check out her facebook page here

oneTree artisan update Ken Guenter

Here's Ken Guenter sizing up his oneTree tiered table. We think it's fantastic.

oneTree artisan update Randy Mugford

Randy Mugford is a oneTree artisan. We love his awesome concrete and wood bench that highlights the oneTree story..


oneTree artisan update Joe Young

oneTree, 40 artisans, one amazing exhibit at Victoria's Robert Bateman Centre, opening Nov. 14, 2015.
Featuring Joe Young and his oneTree guitar. As Keith Davis says, "Joe bleeds wood and dreams music."

oneTree artisan update Live Edge Design

Our oneTree dining table hits the road...

oneTree artisan update Wyatt Wilkie

Starting work on a mandolin for the One Tree Project.

oneTree artisan update Guy Scott

Guy Scott took a limb from high in the tree that had been a home for carpenter ants for decades and turned Ant House and Ant House 2. 
(oneTree items may be up for sale after the exhibit)


oneTree artisan update Cam Russell

Cam Russell shares pictures of his progress on 2 x 1m square decorative panels in various square and rectangular proportions....4 panels down – 17 to go.
Cam is currently working on making paper for 4 panels from the chips and shavings that were saved from milling the frame.


oneTree artisan update Merlayna Snyder

Watch Merlaynas creative process from tree remnant to spectacular vessel... 'Embracing Elegance'.

oneTree artisan update Mike Randall, Kurva Design

Inlaying the LED strip into the #OneTreeExhibit edition of the Bow Lamp and getting the side taper shaped. 

Read Mike Randall's blog

oneTree artisan update Live Edge Design

"The grain detail in this wood is remarkable, this chair still needs some sanding and finishing but you can see the grain already 'popping', designed by Stefane Dimopoulos, one of the artisans at Live Edge Design. Now onto the dining table..."

John Lore, Live Edge Design

oneTree artisan update Wayne Muma

"Hi guys, My piece of wood arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The first thing I usually do is to debark the slab. The bark loosened easily. It will sit and rest and hopefully de-stress for another six weeks until late August, early September, and then I will start the project. It is virtually perfect for my application. This should work out very well. Now I am getting excited. Thanks."

Wayne Muma

oneTree artisan update Scott Gillies

"After having a close encounter with a pod of humpback whales, I was inspired to carve a cow/calf pair of humpbacks from this beautiful salvaged Bigleaf Maple as part of the oneTree Project. Stage One: wood selection, milling, removing rotten wood. Stage Two: carving the whales; video will be coming soon.

Scott Gillies